kuros Classic logo

Kuros Classic a New and Unique Puzzle game - use your Logic to find all Kuros from around the world!

Ecologito por un Mundo Mejor logo

Ecologito por un Mundo Mejor is a game focused on teaching values ​​and good habits, addressing important issues such as animal welfare, renewable energy, waste classification, industrial liability, over-consumption and deforestation.

Pixel Dodger logo

Swipe up, down, right, and left to dodge the incoming pixel blasts! Play as different characters in this addictive game and stay alive as much as you can!

Rainbow Puke logo

Help Puky in this crazy game to avoid the clouds and get the potatoes by simply tapping anywhere in the screen to dodge them while puking rainbows all along!

Challenge 1010 logo

Awesome puzzle game where your mission is to put shapes in a 10 x 10 board, forming rows or columns making them disappear. Why? Because if you don't have space for a new shape, the game is OVER. Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode and become the best!

Santa's Good or Naughty logo

Help Santa in this Christmas game. Give a gift to the good boys and girls around the world or a piece of coal for the naughty ones. Have fun!

About Us

We are an indie game studio founded in 2013 and based in Uruguay. We dedicate day and night to create entertainment for all species, for now we are focusing in entertaining humans but we are already looking into other worlds, although still in the research and "find life" steps. We make mobile games of all kinds and colors and we love doing so. From heavy, hairy, two-hours-download games to simple, no-tutorial, nokia1100-playable ones. We just hope you love playing them and have an awesome time!

Joaquín Godoy

Bearded Artist

Astounding landscapes, incredibly detailed drawings and an exquisite macaroni and cheese, some of his many talents. Bearded artists are rare in this type of weather but we have found one of the best.

Santiago Arin

Intergalactic Creative Director

Forged by the dark powers of creativity, a non-stopping, coffe-drinking machine with one porpose only: Search and destroy everything in... naa, he just helps with the games.

Martín Gaibisso Soldatti

Developer Sensei

A true coding genius with the wisdom of a proper bearded man, master of the millenary art of bug destruction and current holder of the world record of screen staring.

Macarena Campos

Wild Artist

Charmer of pixels, the beauty of the beast, pen master and paper-plane national champion. Found in the highlands of the animated world.

Pablo Cobas

Master of Tech

The old art of coding video games was invented by one of the finest men to ever been born. Pablo is not him, but he was next to this fella at the time and he was able to steal most of his notes and secrets to become our technological oracle.

Diego Costanzo

Business Oracle

When the beautiful games we make are ready to entertain, he will make sure you'll get a chance to try them out and have an awesome time. He'll get them out of the oven, put some spice and mozzarella cheese over them and... sorry, thats one of his other gifts.

Gabriel Cardama

Developer Acolyte

The fastest coder alive, although he never knows what he's coding. One of the only men alive capable of writing in 12 languages, at least thats what he tells us. If he'd sell as he talks to the ladies we'd have more money than Bill.

Valeria Rodao

Red Artist

It seems like magic is coming out of your screen but then you realize they are just jaw-dropping animations, after that you'll smell your video card melting down. She's that good!

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