Valle Dorado logo

Valle Dorado is a Strategy and City-Building game where you need to change to a circular-economy pardigm to rescue and rebuild the valley.

kuros Classic logo

Kuros Classic a New and Unique Puzzle game - use your Logic to find all Kuros from around the world!

Ecologito por un Mundo Mejor logo

Ecologito por un Mundo Mejor is a game focused on teaching values ​​and good habits, addressing important issues such as animal welfare, renewable energy, waste classification, industrial liability, over-consumption and deforestation.

Pixel Dodger logo

Swipe up, down, right, and left to dodge the incoming pixel blasts! Play as different characters in this addictive game and stay alive as much as you can!

Rainbow Puke logo

Help Puky in this crazy game to avoid the clouds and get the potatoes by simply tapping anywhere in the screen to dodge them while puking rainbows all along!

Challenge 1010 logo

Awesome puzzle game where your mission is to put shapes in a 10 x 10 board, forming rows or columns making them disappear. Why? Because if you don't have space for a new shape, the game is OVER. Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode and become the best!

Santa's Good or Naughty logo

Help Santa in this Christmas game. Give a gift to the good boys and girls around the world or a piece of coal for the naughty ones. Have fun!


Our grasp reaches far, far beyond games. So far that other systems we touch get infected and slowly become game-like-systems. Gamification is powerful, you can convince people that they are getting fun when they are actually filling up forms and other boring stuff. If you are in the form-filling business and need to speed things up and get people involved, give us a call, we have experience working with several (more than 2!) institutions into gamifying their boring platforms and making them awesome!

About Us

We are an indie game studio founded in 2013 and based in Uruguay. We dedicate day and night to create entertainment for all species, for now we are focusing in entertaining humans but we are already looking into other worlds, although still in the research and "find life" steps. We make mobile games of all kinds and colors and we love doing so. From heavy, hairy, two-hours-download games to simple, no-tutorial, nokia1100-playable ones. We just hope you love playing them and have an awesome time!

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